IONIC Framework Updates

Hi Ionic Team,

I want to know your development upgrade plans for IONIC framework. Recently you have launched IONIC 2x. I want to know that If Angular do the major update then every time IONIC framework update require or not?
As of now Angular describe it’s plan of releases :

So I am bit confused that you have written in your blog that you are not going to upgrade IONIC 3x. Then if Angular do the major upgrade in it’s framework then how it can merged with IONIC framework?


What we mean by “not doing Ionic 3x” is that we’re not going to re-write the framework again the same way we did for 2x.

The major shit to semver for both angular and Ionic means that any major-breaking changes will require a version bump.
But this could just be “Oh we needed to change an API significantly so we need to make a note of this” not “REWRITE ALL THE THINGS!!”

So no worries, we will not be rewriting the entire framework…again.
But we will be make changes that follow semantic versioning.
This mean that at some point in time, we will cut a release for ionic 3.0, or ionic 3.1 even.
It just wont be a massive rewrite, just an API update that wasn’t backwards compatible