For new Ionic developer, should I start with Ionic 1 or Ionic 2?

I am new to Ionic. but I have delivered two simple Angular 1 project (so I know a little bit of Angular 1), I have never done Angular 2 though.

Now I have a new project that must be done in Ionic (and must be delivered within 1 month). Should I start this project with Ionic 1 or Ionic 2? I have no idea how much (or lack of) plugin support Ionic 2 has… at the same time I do not want to develop on yesterday’s technology now that Ionic 2 is already in beta.

My main concern here plugin supports… I am worried plugin support for Ionic 2 is still at its infancy and it will take time for the plugins to mature for Ionic 2?

Sorry if I am repeating the same noob question all over again… but this question is almost 1 year old

I think you should go with Ionic 2 and Angular 2.

It really depends on the complexity of the project and the plugins that you need. I’ve successfully went live with an ionic2 website (note: not an app!) and it went smoothly, but it was literally 3 pages with one list in each :smiley:

hmm I dunno … He has one month to do the project … I personnally would not do ionic2 because of the time schedule.


Well, if the problem is plugin availability, ionic-native, the equivalent of ngcordova for Ionic 2, has taken off in the last month.

I’d suggest Ionic 2 :slight_smile:

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I started an app some days ago, and though i went with ionic 2, i switched back to v1 because i had very little time like you, and with v1 I assured that i could have the app done in a few days. So, at the end, depends on your time and your ability of learning new things fast.

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v1 if you have only 1 month, then in next projects if you have more time… v2, is growing very fast!


You will spend more time learning Ionic 1 than Ionic 2, I strongly recommend Ionic 2 :smiley:

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Hi, thanks for the insights… the project isn’t big and the plugin I will need for this project is to generate QR code and scan QR code… the rest is just standard forms… that’s it.

Also, I will need to deploy this app to 3 platforms, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone!

That is pretty much the requirement, generate and scan QR code, and 3 platforms deployment.

A quick googling reveal scan QR code seems to be supported in Ionic 2 but not sure whether it will work on Windows Phone?

I think you should go with Ionic 2. We’ve gotten a new beta release every week. V2.

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I won’t make any suggestion as I have no way of knowing how complex your app will truly be. I will only say that both Angular 2 and Ionic 2 are both giant leaps forward and Angular 2 is far easier to learn than Angular 1, night and day easier!

Good luck whichever route you choose!

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I agree with the assessments above, it depends on your situation (as always).

If you already know Angular 1 and/or Ionic 1 and you have limited time (you need to get something working quickly) then stick with Ionic 1.

If you don’t know Ionic/Angular yet then start with Ionic 2 right away, probably a waste of time to first learn Ionic 1 and then later Ionic 2.

If you already know Ionic 1 but not Ionic 2 and you are starting a new project, then it may be worthwhile to learn Ionic 2/Angular 2. Apart from Ionic 2 being superior in terms of performance and ease of development, if you look at the number of posts on the Ionic forum (this forum) then you see already that momentum is shifting rapidly from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2, at some point it will be easier to find answers for Ionic 2 than for Ionic 1.


Ok… I will bite the bullet and go ahead with Ionic 2… thanks for the insights. I may update this thread one/two months from now to report on the progress/result.


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React native! Hahaha jk if you have time you should start with ionic 2 else go for ionic v1 if time is a constraint.

If you just start out but want to launch an app soon, go with Ionic 1. Why? Because it’s already stable and ready for production. I have several ionic 1 apps on App store and they are all stable and work good. The learning curve is definitely not long. It will take you several weeks to master ionic 1.

Angular 2 still has many months of development before it can reach production release. Until then, you can start learning about it.