Ionic or Ionic2 paradox! :))


Hello everyone!!
I just wanna spread some doubt that i really have right now about ionic1 or Ionic2. A paradox??!!!
My scenario:
For requirements of our business, we need and app. Easy.
But ionic or Ionic2…
I’ve been thinking about that, and i really need help.

Ionic1 provide you Ionic creator, that allows me prototype quickly my app and export the code! Cool.
Ionic1 have now more discussion in the web (forum, stackoverflow, etc).
Maybe is more solid???
I’ve been working with it during the last year.

Is based on Angular2,
Better performance,
Ionic Native

  • all new features that comes with ionic2.

Any advice will be great received!!!
Thansk to all from Barcelona.



If you’re starting a brand new project, I would definitely go with Ionic2. Although it can still have some issues because it’s still under development, it’s a very adult framework. It’s fast, easy to use, has good documentation etc. I’m very pleased using Ionic2 and over the past half year I took the hustle to migrate my project to a new version for granted. Besides, the project is almost on it’s final release, which should tell us something. I’m very happy using Ionic2, including all the extra features Ionic2 provides against Ionic1 (which I also happily used).


I’ve been using alpha since it was in ALPHA an I had some problems but I would do it all over again especially now that it reached RC-4 . The framework is getting faster and stable.

My opinion is that Ionic 2 is also much much more easier than ionic so you can give it a try with some demo apps and see the difference in speed.


Very thanks for you point of view!

Really appreciate :slight_smile:


I will do!

Thanks :wink:


IMO Ionic 2 is harder to learn than Ionic 1. You have to learn Typescript and Angular 2, and syntax is a bit hard to understand (especially in new module / component system, completely different from Ionic 1).
Also, I still don’t understand how to include all my JS libs without having TS errors. :confused:

I think right now it’d be better to go for Ionic 2, but for people who come from Ionic 1… Migration isn’t a breeze