#firstcoat festival: Hybrid app built using Ionic v2

Hi Guys,

I’m back again with another app release built using Ionic 2. Having learnt a few lessons from the last app, we went at it again and came out with this! The app is for the First Coat festival (a art/street art festival being held in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia) and helps guide the user to see where each mural, event or artist is located. We make use of Geolocation and a few other plugins.

Try it out
iOS app Store & Google Play Store

Things that I changed this time around:
Removed reliance on SQLStorage to build and store complex models, re-designed server side API to pump out the complex models and stored them directly in local storage as JSON.
Added a number of extra fade-in animations during loading of objects/templates, for a less jarring pop when things are rendered.
Re-wrote the server side API to provide various image sizes for each image source. e.g. Thumbnail for profile pictures, iPad dimensions for Banner images etc. This improved the performance of page loads and list views, as no longer where large (>1200px) images having to be resized on the device.

Let me know what you think.