#TDCBNE16: Ionic 2 app on iOS & Android approved on both stores

Firstly let me say thank you for all the support I have found here on these forums, you have saved my skin a few times. Notably: @iignatov, @brandyshea, @AndyM3Kt

I had some concern about approvals of hybrid apps, especially in the ever changing state that Ionic 2 is in, but it’s a pleasure to say that both builds were successfully approved for Google Play and Apple App stores.

The app is a companion app for The Design Conference Brisbane 2016, which allows users to see the schedule, side events, and sponsors. It also providers a maps to the event locations. In additional to representing existing data, the app also allows users to tweet a question directly from the app to a speaker during their talk, but only after the talk has begun. A spinner is used to present sponsor icons after splash screen closes. A mix of SQLStorage and LocalStorage are used.

The links for the apps can be found here: https://twitter.com/pjhartin/status/732362619261083649 (shamelessly plugging my twitter)

Let me know what you guys think.


Nice work! I love the theme. :slight_smile:

Nice work @pjhartin! This is a beautiful app and really shows of the customizability of v2. Congrats!

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Thanks @Ben and @brandyshea. I love Ionic v2. I had never tried v1, but v2 caught my eye when I started this project natively on iOS and after a week still had no UI to speak of. The ionic-conference-app was a great starter to learn from. Keeping up with the platform changes this past 8 weeks has been a bit tricky, but its become very stable this past 3 weeks! I know that any functional errors with the app will be a result of my lack of understanding with Angular2, and JS in general. In saying that, I have decided that the next 2 projects I’m working on will be Ionic v2 apps. It’s a small investment to learn the framework, but so worth it once at full speed.

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Very beautiful neat and clean theme… I am wondering if you are a freelancer available to take on some new project? Please let me know if you are available on some new projects. Send me an email at Dginers@gmail.com

thank you.

The app looks very nice, congrats @pjhartin!