My first Ionic 2 app published

I just published my first ionic 2 app on Google Play and waiting for review in Apple App Store!


It is an audio player that integrates with our webshops. Our customers are now able to download our app, login and enjoy their purchases.

The app almost works perfectly, with a few glitches here and there (with ionic AND Angular in beta, what can you expect?;-))

I’ve chosen to support Android 4.4+ And iOS 8.0+ to keep my sanity (for now).

Stuff I want to add or improve in the next versions:

  • Add IAP
  • Lock screen music controls and headset button support
  • Get playlists working in background mode on iOS (currently playback stops when track ends if app is in background)
  • Maybe add crosswalk to support older Android devices
  • Probably work a bit on the design (not really something I enjoy or am good at)

That’s it! Just wanted to show what I’ve built in about 2 months (being new to angular, typescript, node, Cordova etc) since I’ve enjoyed seeing the apps other people have built. Keep sharing!:slight_smile:


Awesome work and great to see an app released into the wild. Any tips for others starting out with Ionic & Angular v2?

Thanks, I appreciate it!

My advice is probably more generic than ionic/angular specific, but here goes: just get a minimal viable version done and ship it! There are always more bells and whistles to be added, and your code can always be more elegant - but you can do that in a later iteration;-)

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I’m curious how you implemented the different language support in the app?

Actually I didn’t implement i18n yet (the select in the screenshots is disabled and even removed in the upcoming version.)

I’m waiting for official support from angular. If I needed support right now I would probably go with ng2-translate though.

Have hou perform it,listenning playlist on background mode?