Enable-menu-with-back-views no longer prevents dragging

I’ve been working on an ionic project for about 2 months and was working off of the 1.0.0-beta.14 version of the framework. This morning I pulled down the 1060 nightly build because I wanted to implement bug fix #2950, addressing scrolling when swiping ion-option-buttons. My app uses ion-side-menus to implement a left menu. Note: I’m not using the ionic header bar or back button but rather have an element that uses menu-toggle to open and close the menu. I’ve had enable-menu-with-back-views=“false” set and it prevented users from being able to swipe left to right to open the menu. After updating to the 1060 build I noticed it no longer prevents this. In fact, if I navigate a few pages deep, and then swipe left to right, it tries to go to previous views, eventually getting to the left menu. If I swipe from the home page of my app it slides the view to the right and lands me on a blank screen.

I confirmed that a previous iOS build with the beta.14 version does not do this. But an iOS build with the 1060 version does have this behavior. Has anyone else experienced this?


Actually, it looks like swiping left to right will navigate you to previously-viewed states but I can’t find any documentation on it aside from this: https://trello.com/c/DFBLfHRz/16-swipe-to-go-back-ios7-style-interactive-view-transitions - has this been implemented? I’m not opposed to it in my app but I have an initial state that performs business logic to check for a user, and redirect them to another state based on certain criteria. This state has no view associated with it, just business logic that performs a redirect. Therefore, when the user swipes all the way left they end up on a blank screen with no way to go anywhere else. Is there any way to either a) disable this behavior, or b) intercept a swipe left and not navigate back if they’re about to go to this initial state with no view associated?

Disregard - after stumbling upon 8ebde73d I found this solution: $ionicConfigProvider.views.swipeBackEnabled(false);