V1.0.0-rc.0: How to disable swipe to go back?

I just updated Ionic and ran into the following issue:

I have caching globally disabled. When I am in a view which is not the root of the navigation stack I observed the follwing: When I swipe from the very left to any direction, the screen turns white and the footer is hidden.

To avoid that behavior I want to disable swipe to go back on ios. How do I do that?

Thank you in advance!

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I want to know how to enable it.

Found how to disable it:


Thank you, Sebastian.

Does anyone know how to disable it for a specific view?
I want to disable it on forms, where I have implemented a confirmation before closing/moving away from the form.

Just found this thread: #18808

I’m also looking to disable swipe to go back on one specific view. Has anyone done that before?

:+1: -> using can-swipe-back=“false” on my ion-view worked to disable swipe-back on a single view (found at the bottom of your linked thread)

use as

< ion-view view-title=“View Title” can-swipe-back=“false”>
< /ion-view>

and it will disable swipe-back on that view

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Hello, Where did you find it?

it is not here in the docs. Which makes me wonder why is the official docs in such an incomplete state? That worries me a bit. Anyways, could you please let me know where and how did you find this solution?

Thank you very much!

its here


This does not appear to be working for me, did anybody else have this problem? (And come up with a solution?)

neither it is working to me

It does not work for ionic 1.3.2