Turn off Swipe go back feature

Hi! I’m using the nighly build and swipe right currently sends you back in the browser history under some routes / views. I’d like to remove that feature all together instead expect the left hand menu to open on swipe right.

Can’t find anywhere in the docs how to disable this.

Anyone? :slight_smile: I really need to turn off Ionics own swipe to go back function. I’m using different methods.

I also want to enable to open the left hand menu always, on all pages. Configured by the edge threshhold config value.

Alright! Found it in the commits to the nighly builds:

There is a new config option for views:


This disables the Swipe to go back feature. It’s only good if view cache is enabled, which is not possible for me because it acts odd (shows same views on all pages even though different urls etc).

Also, to solve to open menu on all pages with back button enabled. Add this to ion-side-menus:


YYEESS! thanks so much