Drag event on left side of the app in iOS



I have a simple app with 2 screens. Tapping on a button in screen 1 will navigate to screen 2 using $state.go function. I have nav-bar-back-button in second screen to go back to screen 1. All works just fine.
But, when I drag on the left side (edge) of the screen 2, app is trying to navigate back. Is there a way to disable this behavior? Also, i don’t have side menu in the app.

I’m using latest ionic build.

Any help much appreciated.


Your answer is in the Ionic docs here. Please read those before posting your question :slight_smile:

Add can-swipe-back="false" to your ion-view.



Thanks for the answer. Yup, i should have read the docs first before posting a question here. But, i was looking at wrong location in the docs than ion-view section.
Also, it didn’t solve my problem, i had to recreate another project with same code base and then with this property it worked. Not really sure why.

Thank you very much for your time!!