Duplicate views in tab history stack, missing back button sometimes

Hi all,

I’m currently working on an ionic app which has 3 tabs. Each tab has a parent and a child view. I understand that each tab has its own unique history stack. And tapping on the back button when in the child view removes the view from the respective history stack and brings the user back to the parent view.

Does it mean that in my case, each history stack can only have a maximum of 2 views?
My app has the issue of back button not showing up sometimes when in the child view and backview on ionicHistory is null when it happens.

The tab’s history stack grows (can go reach up to 20 views after a while) while the back button does not show up.
All of the views in each history stack are duplicates of the same 2 views that belong to each tab.
I have made sure that both cache and history are not being cleared in any of the controllers.

Would really appreciate any help!

Thank you.

you may use cache-view=“false” in child nav view


Thank you for your help. I tried but it didn’t work. Do you know why backView would be null when in child nav view?