Back button disappearing on tab views

Hi there,

I have a quite strange issue that I wondered if anyone could help me with.

I have a tab view with 5 tabs, if i perform a series of view changes, the back button randomly disappears.

The issue also happens on this codepen.

If you perform the following steps, it can be reproduced
tab 1 -> subview -> back
tab 2 -> subview -> back
tab 1 -> subview -> back
tab 2 -> subview

On this subview, there is no back button.

Any help is appreciated.

I encounter the same problem too. In fact I can replicate the bug in the ionic documentation page:


home -> scientific facts -> back
about -> tabs nav stack -> back
home -> scientific facts -> back
about -> tabs nav stack


Any workaround to this? Incredible this is happening on ionic sample code

I had faced the same issue and I have used below workaround. It works for me.

I have used ionic example

//Add new controller for NavStack
.state(‘tabs.navstack’, {
url: “/navstack”,
views: {
‘about-tab’: {
templateUrl: “templates/nav-stack.html”,
controller: ‘NavStackCtrl’

//In controller add below code
.controller(‘NavStackCtrl’, function($scope,$ionicNavBarDelegate,$ionicHistory) {
disableBack: true

//Codepen Edit

Try this workaround. I have created new controller.

It also has the same issue, on home the back is lost


I’m unable to replicate the issue, could you tell me the steps.

Maybe this behaviour is related to the following issue: