$ionicHistory does not work well with ion-tabs

First go to Tabs section, tab “Home” is selected.
Then go to second tab "About"
Then go to third tab "Contact"
Then go to first tab “Home”

Ok. Now the Back is Broken.
If you click on the back button many times the back loop and you cannot go back to the Index page.

I’m studing the flow, and Now i know that the problem isn’t the Back.
I think the problem is go forward from two different View in two different History.

My problem is that when I go from a ViewA in a HistoryA to a ViewB in the HistoryB,
and ViewB is the forwardView of ViewA.
I don’t understand When,How or Why BUT the code create another ViewC in HistoryC that is a copy of ViewB instead of go to forwardView ViewB in HistoryB and the backView of ViewC is ViewB

I’m not sure, but I think that some “tabs + ionicHistory” issues are fixed in the last nightly build 1076 http://code.ionicframework.com/#nightly

Thank you for the reply, maybe some problem was fixed.
But in the codepen the problem with Tabs is LOOP and you cannot come back to the index with the nightly.
I think if many people point out the problem the priority will change.

This problem is still exists, and I found some other people has facing the same problem,
is it a bug??

I too am dealing with this problem. Any one have any info on it?