Ionic History / Navigation stack: Back button missing sometimes

Hello together

We have an app which presents a folder structure using the Ionic’s / Angular’s navigation stack where each folder can contain detail objects which can be “opened” from there. If you now open a detail object which has tabs there is no back button available (which is a known limitation due to individual history stacks).

We now have the following problem with this: As resolution I created an own close / back button by overwriting the inoicHistory.backView with the object’s previous frolder view on each object’s tab and then going back (ionigHistory.goBack() to that view) when closing the object’s detail.

Unfortunately, sometimes the back button is just not visible anymore at some places of the navigation stack despite navigation stack/history is still available. You see no back button but you can go back with the HW back button. Then, if you’re not on the root level you again see the back button. when you now go forth again to the same view the back button is missing again and you only can go back again with the HW back button where the back button is present again and so on.

Would be very happy on any advices or a resolution on this. It drives me crazy! Already spent very much time on this issue!

Thx & regards

No one any idea or advices?
Would be very thankful!


I also have the same problem with custom navigation. Looking for solution