Ionic Tabs - Back button dissapears on nested views


Navigation issues on nested views in tabs

Ok, so this is a topic often discussed as a google search proved, but none of the topics “solutions” seemed to have worked for me.

I have 4 tabs, three of these tabs have nested views. In turn, two of these nested views also have child views. Follow this link below for a video showing exactly the issue.

YouTube video with demo of issue

So here is my basic setup in my router

Snapshot of code

You can clearly see in the video that the back button disappears once I have opened a nested view on the History page, and then go open a nested view on the Settings page.

After some debugging, I’ve noticed the view call stack seems to get lost. The backView in the $ionicHistory becomes null when navigating to the nested view in settings. After that, it never works again,

If you’d like more detail of my code please feel free to ask. Perhaps I’m taking an incorrect approach?