Does ionic supports windows phone 8+?

well i think the issue are more with Angular then ionic but lets ask: do Ionic works with Microsoft Window Phone 8.1 ?

I’m unable to run a simple app that works perfectly on Android and IOS.

if i try to build a cordova app with “wp8” (8.0/8.1) i get errors every time i click on the slide menù about “$digest already in progress”, the apps keep going normally however, it seems just an annoying warning - i catch the error so it displays an alert box;

if i try to build a cordova app with “windows” (8.1/10) it crashes, it seems i need to include a javascript shim; i included it, the app starts then crash again, i’ve to investigate more with the debugger but for some reason visual studio now crashes when i try to open the project;

well, i really missed microsoft :smile:

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I figured out that using “windows” platform plus adding the MSDN shim makes it works.

Unlucky i’ve problem with imgcache.js that is makeing the app to crash,
i guess i can try a different cache library.

imgcache.js does not works because it has a ridicolous platform detection function.
after fixed it the imgcache.js works

i currently could not store files using cordova-file and cordova file-transfer did you find any solution on this ? my code is here

Your missing a few core points:

  1. wp8 is of no use
  2. windows is the way to go for 8.1 and 10 (APPX) you have to use the platform from GIT version and look at the ISSUES for updates and undocumented settings

Your angular app will not work if you don’t include the SHIM provided by MSDN.

So far it works perfectly for me the only GUI issue i had is that tab-item that i fixed today.

How to deploy to a windows phone , i am using lumia 635. for wp8 platform i used to open the solution into visual studio and deploy to atached device,

I made a build to windows platform but can not find the device into VS to deploy into.

This is what i’ve done so far:

While cordova may support WP8, ionic is not supporting windows phone for the time being.
It’s a bit in flux ATM and not really worth it.

Even not being supported, in my case i need to build to wp8, the only thing that remains to build an app, that already works on Android, to WP8, is to store files using cordova.file and file-transfer

The error message i get is code 3: abort_error.

My code is here :

@mhartington strange… my app works perfectly

It may work in some cases, it may not work in others. It’s not a priority for us

hi guys our team deployed app for android and ios but now we have to port this app to wp8 too
All features works properly but i notice a poor scroll i have tried js and native scrolling but in the first case i have a poor scrolling up and down in the second case the down scroll i worth than with js scrolling but when i want to scroll up it works like a charm do you know how can i fix it?

Did you try on VS retarget to windows 8.1

i have added new platform as windows but im not able to launch app in my phone it start only on my pc
Nevermind. unlike what they say in network that we have to disable bouncing on wp8 i enabled it and turned off js scrolling and now whole app run smooth rather better than on android

In my case i just retarget to windows phone 8.1 (command available into visual studio into the solution explorer tab) and it work´s fine.

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thanks man this solve 1-2 issue i encountered before

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I don’t know if this is late or something… but i managed to fixed the bug
If you still active holla back

Nope. Everything is working OK. Its sad however that they said that they do not support windows.
Lots of companies are still using nokia/windows phone :frowning:

Try onsen … it does support it

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Thanks. Tried. Its really simple the doc is really better. However ionic ecosystem is bigger and have more services. If they’ll had a build system like phonegap would be really nice.

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