Ionic with Windows Phone 8


Hello everybody, how is it going ?

I have a project to developer an app to windows phone 8 and I am thinking to work with Ionic, someone already had an experience like this ? Could give me some advice?


Fabio Santos


so now I have problem with responsive.
it depends on what ionic’s components. I don’t have problem with tabs, sidemenu, list, card.


Right now we have very limited support for WP8, and what support we do have is in the nightly builds.

We do plan on expanding this, but it most likely won’t be until 1.0 reach it’s final build. But check the forum, there are some people who are reporting things working well.


I have a huge problem with scroll on windows phone 8.1 (tested on phonegap dev preview app).
I’m using v1.0.0-beta.7 and when i scroll something scrollable all the body scrolls with it. So the navbar scroll down and broke everything.

Any new on when the support of Windows phone will happen? I’m trying to convince my company to use ionic for a big app and Windows Phone is a must.


Right now it’s still very limited, there’s a lot that needs to be fixed with how WP8 handles things. But we are making progress with this. As for a time date on when it will land, we’re not going to give one. Don’t want to appear to be liars if we don’t make that date :wink:


+1 Windows Phone support


Seems like the scrolling bug is a Cordova problem, not Ionic.