Ionic is not working on windows phone 8.1

I created Ionic Project using one of your ready-made app templates (ionic start myApp sidemenu). I ran this project in VISUAL STUDIO ULTIMATE 2013, it is running on Windows Phone8 emulator but when I ran this project on windows phone 8.1 device ,blank screen shows.Please Help me, What should I do to run it on my device also?

Just a heads up, we don’t have support for WP8 right now. Only ios and android at the moment.

It is something we intend on doing down the road thought, post 1.0

Hi @sanchijain,

Today i resolve same issue… :slight_smile:
You need to modified XHRHelper.cs file which is inside platform/wp8/cordovaLib.
Replace all code of XHRHelper.cs from
Then it will start working…

Thank you shashikant :slight_smile: I want to ask ,after doing this will my app. definitely run on device?

yes… it will work…
Let me know if there is any issue.

It’s not working… Please tell me the whole process from starting.

1)ionic start myTestApp sidemenu
2)Create platform wp8
3)build platform
4)Find XHRHelper.cs inside platforms\wp8\cordovalib\XHRHelper.cs
5) replace content of XHRHelper.cs from
6)Again Build platform.
7)Install in device.

let me know if any problem…

I followed your steps , but every time same problem occurs,i.e. ‘deploying to emulator’ while I want it to run on my device.

With out replacing code. Is it installing?
How are you installing app in device?

by writing following commands:
‘corodva run wp8’

i did not check on emulator. And i am installing application using windows phone Application Deployment
In device, it is working for me.

Are you getting following error??

Use that command:

cordova run wp8 --device

I have build app with Ionic its working fine on Android.
I had few issues moving on Windows Phones.

  1. Once you run “slide menu” app you get blackscreen.
    $urlRouterProvider.otherwise(’/app/playlist’); (Not supported).
    This is how i fixed it -> $state.go(‘app.playlist’);

  2. Links do not work correctly ng-href
    This is how i fixed it -> $compileProvider.aHrefSanitizationWhitelist(/^\s*(https?|ftp|mailto|file|ghttps?|ms-appx|x-wmapp0):/);

  3. Icons not loaded, wp8 cant read files with #. (Had remove tag from tff).

In the end of the day got full working app on Wp8 even that its not supported yet. But i would say its legit already to build ionic app on wp8 , just takes some time to find how to fix some things.

Just to be more specific about the Ionicons issue on win. phone, in my case (wp8.1, cordova CLI 4.1.2, cordova-wp8 3.7.0, ionic beta13) it was enough to remove the query string (that is, the “?” character and everything after it) from the TTF font-face path.
Hence, the line:
src: url("…/fonts/ionicons.eot?v=1.5.2#iefix") format(“embedded-opentype”), url("…/fonts/ionicons.ttf?v=1.5.2") format(“truetype”), url("…/fonts/ionicons.woff?v=1.5.2") format(“woff”), url("…/fonts/ionicons.svg?v=1.5.2#Ionicons") format(“svg”);

src: url("…/fonts/ionicons.eot?v=1.5.2#iefix") format(“embedded-opentype”), url("…/fonts/ionicons.ttf") format(“truetype”), url("…/fonts/ionicons.woff?v=1.5.2") format(“woff”), url("…/fonts/ionicons.svg?v=1.5.2#Ionicons") format(“svg”);

It’s easy to create a \merges\wp8\lib\ionic\css\ionic.min.css and a \merges\wp8\lib\ionic\css\ionic.css with the modified CSS files while the workaround is necessary.


Thanks for this tips! It works well!

@ionicteam : is there any risk of regression for IOS and Android?

How do we install on the device ? wich are the steps ?

add the platform (cordova platform add wp8), build the file (cordova build wp8), open the .sln file in Visual Studio (follow cordova platform guide for windows phone first), then run on device or emulator from visual studio.