Windows Phone Support

Hey there,

first at all, great framework! I really like it :blush:
But will there be any support for Windows Phone in future releases?

Greetings from Austria


Hey @jan_schlacher, thanks so much. We’ve got a lot of work ahead, and one of the goals is to eventually support Windows Phone.

The problem is we don’t have any WPs to test with, which could make it harder to target the platform.

Right now we are just trying to make Android and iOS work well. Right now iOS is the best, and Android needs a lot of work so we are focusing on that.



nice to hear :wink:
If you need any help with testing on WP, just ask :wink:


Just wanted to check if there is any news on this topic?
Would love to see Windows Phone support.
Great framework btw! :smiley:

I know that the guy tweeted yesterday about getting a windows phone so I expect we’ll see some support soon. Pretty excited for it


Hi @farside, thanks for bringing this back up. We actually just received our Windows Phone dev kit this week! I’d guess mid-late March we will have some basic support built in. We’ll keep you posted on the forum and Twitter!


hi guys ,
is ther any version now supproting windows 8? if not , when can we have a first version

There is no official support. But checkout this post:

Thanks for the reminder on this @hanane and @Calendee. We do have plans to get to Windows phone soon, but our efforts to get the Beta out have taken precedence as of late. We’ve decide to wait until after the Beta is out to start our work on support for it.

As always, we will keep the community posted on our plans!

Any work started on the support for Windows Phone? Eagerly waiting for it!

Yep! @adam is actively working on this and it will most likely be included in 1.0. No promises though! :smile:


sounds great pls do it. i like your framework but no windows phone support is a no go for me so i have to use another framework. the benefit of using html/js apps is that they are working on most mobile operating systems. no benefit if its only usable on two mobile platforms :frowning: pls make this a high priority

We’re working on it @paris! @adam will have more updates when we’re closer. Tough things take time.

I have to echo the sentiment of other posters of how important it is to support wp8! It’s not a complete showstopper for me at the moment, but will be v soon. I currently support android, kindle, iOS and wp8.

I appreciate the difference in mouse pointer events and the “ie instead of WebKit” based rendering engine must be quite a challenge for you guys. The day I see the draggable side menu working in ie mobile as it does in android and iOS using the same code base is the day you see my jaw on the floor.


+1 for Windows Phone Support! :slight_smile: Is it realistic, that WP Support will be working in august? I’m just starting development of an App for a client with the Deadline “End of august” and I’m considering using IONIC for this app. As WP support is a must have, this is kind of a “high bet” :wink: If you need support in testing just tell me - for development I got a Lumia 920…

thanks @Ben realy nice to hear you are working on it. IE10/11 on WP are not that much different than IE10/11 on desktop. will IONIC work an windows tablet like the surface with your Update? If you need testers for WP8 or Windows8 on Tablets let me know :slight_smile: Thanks again for you work!

I’ve just posted (not sure if I did the right thing) issue related to Windows Phone:

+1 for Windows Phone 8.1

Please let me know if you need any testing required for Windows Phone 8.1

I have Nokia Lumia 1520 Phone


Hello Ionic Team,

I really love Ionic Framework! <3 I hope you guys are working hard for supporting Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. Can’t wait to try the stable version for my Windows Phone apps.

Just out of curiosity, I tried to use the Ionic Framework (version v1.0.0-beta.12 “krypton-koala”) for one of my Windows Phone apps. Guess what, most of the controls worked just fine - I didn’t try all the controls though. But some controls like ‘Range’ didn’t seem to work at all. I know there is no official support for Windows Phone yet. But I just want you guys to know about this.

Greetings from India. :smile:

+1 for Windows 8/8.1/10+ and Windows Phone suport.

If Ionic run over Cordova and cordova has support for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, why Ionic doesn’t have?