Doubt about ionic plataforms

I see a new update of Cordova, and many updates of ionic too…

Now, its possible compile for windows phone?

Been trying with alpha 53 and the new cordova version and no luck.

I could with alpha 51 and the previous Cordova version too :’(

ah :confused:
someone have success?

You have success with this @bandito?

Ill will tell you when I come back to my comp. Have classes to take.

Ah ok, anxious to know if you have success :grin:

Ok just tried it on a windows 10 platform and it builds on it. But it didn’t work on my windows 8.1 phone. :frowning:

Will continue playing with it until it works…

edit: Try it on another computer and the white screen of death appears. So I went back on my Virtual Windows 10 machine and when I run it from the Start menu it doesn’t run either.

Edit: Just ran it from VS2015 and it runs fine. Apparently it must be something in the configuration. I am gonna try doing the steps in the website :slight_smile:

Edit: Now I get it. When I build through the VS2015 it builds just fine but when I JUST build through the ionic or cordova it fails miserably.

Another EDIT: Ok I have good news. I installed it on 2 different Win10 computers. When building just delete the AppPackages that ionic created for you (using ionic build windows) and afterward create your own on your VS2015/2013 IDE. You create you AppPAckages (under Project > Store > Create AppPackages) and follow the instructions.

1: Go to your YourProject/platforms/windows Folder
2:Delete the AppPackages Folder
3:Open the file called CordovaApp.Windows10
4:Go to the tab called Project and choose Store and then choose Create AppPackages
5:Follow the instructions

NOTE: I went to the folder after ionic build windows btw. Ionic build, emulate, prepare and run does the exact same thing as in cordova build, run, emulate and prepare so that is why I wrote ‘ionic’ and not ‘cordova’. I did it that way because when it ran under the name cordova it doesn’t have a cordova-common folder so it always failed. You can specify what version of Windows you want but I didn’t bother to do that because.

You can then go to the AppPackages folder you created and copy it to an USB drive and test it in any Win10 computer by right clicking the file App-DevPackage and choosing the one that has the ‘run with PowerShell’ on it and following the instructions. When developing for Win 10 I believe it works anywhere so you should be fine if you want to release for a Win10 phone app.

Edit:Don’t know what else to do for Win8.1 phone. It throws blank.Maybe it is because I am not using Win10?

Note:(CordovaApp.Windows is the one for Desktop version of Win 8.1 and CordovaApp.Phone the one for winPhone 8.1)

This was made on a Win10 running on Virtual Box.

Great work buddy!

So only work for win 10 right? :disappointed:
the problem that most users use 8.1… curious was not anyone commenting about it … the staff seems to leave the windows phone sideways, but in my city, is the operating system that more is growing.

Well In Puerto Rico and USA it is not *laughs

But maybe there is some way to do it. I use Windows Phone 8.1 and I want to develop for this OS. Maybe I could do it using a Win8.1 distro. I will make an Virtual Machine and try it tomorrow. Hopefully it works :/stuck_out_tongue:

Tried to build it and run it from win 8.1 and no luck. :frowning:

good news buddy @bendito?

No. It works perfectly with Windows 10 though. I am looking for the configuration for win8.1 phone that I had but I think I lost it when my old hdd stopped working (put everything on the cloud or github).

But I think it has to do with that and not ionic per se. More of a Cordova issue.

EDIT: No luck. I am close to giving up :frowning:

Will work on new windows phone 10?

I am running from a virtual machine so I am unsure as I have not tried on a emulator or device running win10 mobile. But if it is true what MS is saying it should run fine as it runs fine on a win10 32 bit laptop.