Help me decide Database and Backend service

There are huge number of choices for everything: Databases, frameworks, services bla bla bla. And they are options but not exact alternatives. Hard to choose the appropriate one.

My Background:
I am a php mysql developer.
I built my first mobile app using: ionic1 and firebase. That app is ok with firebase.

About my next app / requirements:

  • Database is the main part of the app.
  • Online application, no offline support required.
  • I could build it as a PHP-MySQL based application. But want to get advantage of IONIC.
  • If I say it’s a micro blogging or social application… I think NoSQL db cannot be a good choice.
  • I need relational database
  • I am thinking about using MySQL database.
  • I don’t know much (I mean, I cannot create) RESTFUL API at the moment. But I have to learn, if required.

Qustion 1: I want to go with IONIC and MySQL. What you say?
Qustion 2: How about Back& (Backand)? Are you suggestion me Back&?
Qustion 3: Do you suggest anything else?

You can vote also:
B: IONIC 2 + Back&
O: Other

I have not used Back& so cant comment on that but I suggest you to check node.js, since you know mysql it will be pretty easy for you to move with node-mysql package.

I have been developing with PHP over 10+ years, at one ionic project I am using node.js with combination of PHP , I have a PHP based website with mysql database and nginx server, I take advantage of nginx to use as reverse proxy for node.js. node.js handles all ionic real-time stuff for my ionic app and it also connects with my PHP backend API to get the required request data.

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If you have experience with PHP and MySQL, building a RESTful API and use that in Ionic makes a lot of sense.

Using a Backend as a Service like Firebase or Back& can be useful, but also limits the amount of customization you can do (without a lot of overhead). People doing custom development before, most often feel this is limiting them.

right :slight_smile: me too feel so.
But I have another question in my mind, ‘do we get smoother service (server up-time), when use service like Firebase or Back&?’ compared to the regular hosting server.

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No way to answer that, this fully depends on your chosen hosting. A backend as a service of course will take care of that for you, with your app your have to do it yourself. Also load balancing, scaling, DDOS protecion etc. You have to decide if this is relevant to you.

I am expecting more comments from others, about my initial questions.

Late to the party here, but wanted to share my thoughts for anyone stumbling across this. I built a fairly large app, with Back&. When they were shutting down, my app suddenly stopped being able to access its data, showed ‘no data received’ on all screens etc. This was during production.

It was hell trying to get my data backed up, as they were closing everything down and not responding to emails. Eventually I managed to get my data, built a replacement custom backend in .NET Core with WebAPI and hosted my own custom solution to get the app back up and running ASAP.

Lessons learned: Unless you absolutely need a backend service right now, wait. Build your own API, make it do exactly what you want it to do, on your terms. Don’t rely on startups or anyone else for your apps to work unless you absolutely have to, or it’s a business requirement from your client.

Hope that helps anyone considering using a BaaS soon.