Display Windows 10 view in ionic-lab


Anybody knows how to display the Windows 10 view beside ios and Android when using “ionic serve --lab”?


what do you mean by windows 10 view ?

Assuming you want to emulate/build and install the app on windows 10, here are the commands.

In you config.xml, place the 2 entries below.

in your command prompt:

ionic serve // opens the app in the browser.

ionic emulate windows // emulates the app on windows.

ionic build windows --win [release | debug ] archs=“x86” // builds app for windows in release mode

ionic build windows --phone [release | debug ] archs=“ARM” // builds app for windows mobile in release mode

Hi @jagansai,

I can’t see the 2 lines to add in config.xml file.

What I meant for “windows 10 view” is this where you can see the 3 views at the same time!