Ionic View: Can I develop on Windows and (pre)view in iOS?

I am developing on Windows with the Ionic Framework (using the Android SDK).
But, I would like to preview on my iPhone using Ionic View. Can do?

Check out the Ionic View

Just figured it out, you CAN preview your cool Ionic Framework app in your iPhone even though you developed it in a Windows environment using the Android SDK.

I was practicing using the Conference tutorial, and I had mistakenly uploaded the “server” project, not the “conference” project.

In your CLI (command line interface), make sure you are in the “conference” directory, then signon and upload, per the instructions. You will get “Successfully uploaded (alpha-num ID)” if it is successful. Then on your iPhone, open up IonicView and you should see your cool app, after you download it.

You can also see your uploaded app here in the Ionic website under your account.

This is a super great service Ionic is providing, it is much appreciated!!