Ionic serve --lab, disable windows

In Ionic 2, when I do ionic serve --lab, how can I disable windows platform. I can use --platform option to see for ios or android specifically but can I see both ios and android at same time.

Can u elaborate your query?

I’m using Ionic 2 beta 8 and when I run my project from command line using ionic serve --lab, it shows 3 platforms view - ios, android and windows. Can I disable windows view and just see ios and android?

As ionic pledged to support Universal windows Apps of windows 10.. they have delivered windows view in ionic serve.

Windows platform serve has been added on version- ionic@beta.30 [IONIC 2 beta 8]. It’s a good practice to know rendered view for all platforms.

Try IONIC LAB 1.0 to view IOS/Android serve . IONIC LAB