[Discussion] What's your Development Enviroment?

This is sort of a general discussion thread. What type of computer do you use for development? What OS, what IDE?

Windows, PHPStorm (or Webstorm). Windows mainly because games, otherwise Ubuntu would be in place ^^ Working with windows is sometimes difficult as CLIs are not always fully supported with everything, but I managed to have it efficient enough. PHPStorm / WebStorm have a fantastic AngularJS plugin, and works like a charm with Ionic, so I think its simply the best possible choice to work on a Cordova project !

Im using Macbook air with osx yosemite, together with webstorm. I found it the most convenient one due to its intellisense suggestions for classes/directives and so on.
I also heard Atom is quite good, but felt much less better than webstorm.

Hardware: Old 2009 Macbook Pro 17" with OSX Yosemite. External Lenovo 19" screen for 2 monitor layout.

Software: Sublime Text 2, XCode, Chrome, Adobe Fireworks

Usual working layout:

  • Chrome with about 30 tabs open
  • Sublime Text with about 4 tabs open
  • Terminal with 3 tabs open
  • Finder with 3 tabs open
  • Xcode
  • (occasionally) Safari + Developer Console open

My my, we really live in a tabbed world now, don’t we ?? :smile:

Oh indeed, I just have to close chrome sometimes because I can’t stand it XD

Macbook Pro 15" Retina 2014 Yosemite

  • Netbeans IDE
  • http://ohmyz.sh/ Shell
  • Chrome ( many many tabs + plugins ) + Netbeans Connector
  • Sublime Text
  • XCode

Built my own Core i7 Haswell with 16GB of RAM, a few 256GB solid state hard drives, Nvidia GTX 760, Sound Blaster Audigy Z, and hooked up to 3 monitors. I use it for everything from gaming, development (web/mobile/database/client), video/music/photo editing, to writing and documentation.

Windows 10

When I work on the iOS side it’s:

OSX Yosemite

  • WebStorm
  • Git repo using VisualStudio.com
  • Chrome
  • Terminal
  • Xcode (only to test app, I do all of my dev in WebStorm/Chrome)

I have found and fixed most of the land mines when switching between Windows and OSX however the line endings and permissions seem to trip me up every time I switch over to OSX from Windows. I’m really hoping Ionic supports Windows 10 universal apps soon and I can remote build iOS apps then I can keep on using Windows. No offense to OSX but I’m a Windows person.

Both Windows and MAC
Webstorm IDE
genymotion emulators for android
ios sim (ios only of course)
grunt/ionic/cordova CLI for building.

When testing on device i just use the CLI “run” command, but of course if I need to build a release for iOS then I need to fire up Xcode

Windows 8.1, Telerik AppBuilder for Cordova frontend and Visual Studio 2013/WebAPI/C# on Azure for BAckend

Windows 7
Adobe Brackets