Difference between ionic start --v2 and --v3

Hi all,
which is the difference between:
“ionic start --v2…” and "ionic start --v3…"
If “–v2” already make an Ionic3 project, what “–v3” is for?

Thank you


Where did you read you could use --v3? If you’re using CLI V2.2.2 you should explicitly set the version if you don’t want a version 1 app. With the newer CLI V3beta you could just omit the --version unless you explicitly want to create a version 1 project.

Ionic2 and ionic3 aren’t really different (they went to SemVer versioning, but didn’t make a switch as they did from ‘ionic 1’ to ‘ionic 2’). Yes it’s an upgrade of the framework, no it isn’t a gamechanger like it was when moving up from version 1 to 2.

Thats why --v2 also gives you an Ionic3 project, since the versioning isn’t exactly what you might expect (as explained, the switching to semver caused the leap in versioning)

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Actually, since Ionic CLI 2.2.3 even --v2 doesn’t exist any more. But there is now a --v1 if you need an Ionic v1 project, everything else just builds a project with the current version. So the very confusing situation you talked about was taken care of.

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