Difference between ionic start --v2 and --v3


Hi all,
which is the difference between:
“ionic start --v2…” and "ionic start --v3…"
If “–v2” already make an Ionic3 project, what “–v3” is for?

Thank you



Where did you read you could use --v3? If you’re using CLI V2.2.2 you should explicitly set the version if you don’t want a version 1 app. With the newer CLI V3beta you could just omit the --version unless you explicitly want to create a version 1 project.

Ionic2 and ionic3 aren’t really different (they went to SemVer versioning, but didn’t make a switch as they did from ‘ionic 1’ to ‘ionic 2’). Yes it’s an upgrade of the framework, no it isn’t a gamechanger like it was when moving up from version 1 to 2.

Thats why --v2 also gives you an Ionic3 project, since the versioning isn’t exactly what you might expect (as explained, the switching to semver caused the leap in versioning)


Actually, since Ionic CLI 2.2.3 even --v2 doesn’t exist any more. But there is now a --v1 if you need an Ionic v1 project, everything else just builds a project with the current version. So the very confusing situation you talked about was taken care of.