What is the difference between ionic1 and ionic-angular

I want to know the difference between ionic 1, ionic 2 and ionic 3. Currently i am working on a project in ionic1 i want to migrate to ionic2. But when i create project with ionic 2.2.3 it creates project with ionic framework of 3.2.1. So I have doubt is ionic2 and ionic3 are same.

Hi, think I can’t stretch this enough over here, but Ionic V1 is Ionic based on AngularJS and is based on the first version of Angular.

Ionic2/Ionic3 don’t really exist as separate frameworks, they are the same framework but with different versioning.

So you have Ionic1 which is based on AngularJS and which could be seen as Ionic V1.
And there’s just Ionic, which is based on Angular2/4. They switched to semVer versioning together with the Angular Framework itself.

There’s no such thing as Ionic 2.2.3, that’s the ionic-CLI. That’s is an entire different thing, it’s just the
bundle that helps you with using the ionic CLI. Also, the current version of the CLI is 3.1.2 (so you’re using an old version of the CLI).

- Ionic V1: based on AngularJS
- Ionic: based on Angular 4. current version of ionic-angular pacakage is 3.2.1
- Ionic-CLI: generates an Ionic project for you. Unless specifying v1 explicitly, this will generate a brand new ionic project for you with the latest version of the framework (3.2.1)