When i start a project with ionic cli 2.2.3 it creates the project with ionic framework 3.2.1, but i want to create ionic 2 project?

my ionic cli version is 2.2.3

i tried to start a project with command “ionic start testiv2 blank --v2”

but after the project created when i check with ionic info

it gives the following results

Your system information:

Cordova CLI: 6.0.0

Ionic Framework Version: 3.2.1

Ionic CLI Version: 2.2.3

Ionic App Lib Version: 2.2.1

Ionic App Scripts Version: 1.3.7

ios-deploy version: Not installed

ios-sim version: Not installed

OS: Linux 4.4

Node Version: v6.10.3

Xcode version: Not installed

This is good. v2 of the framework is obsolete and no longer supported. Carry on.

Yeah as @rapropos told me once, it’s no longer possible to start a ionic 2 project, because if you update your local ionic framework, it will automatically update to v3. (unless you don’t update it yet).


what i have to do to create ionic 2 project

the same problem here

There is no solution to that issue, but V3 is fully compatible with the latest stable ionic 2 (2.2.3). As for your code, it shouldn’t do any harm for now yet (unless you already have TS errors or native plugins issue?).

There is not big change except lazy loading addition and you can use ionic native 3 .so you can continue