Developing an IDE for hybrid app development with ionic

Hey there,

At the moment I’m working on my masterthesis about creating some kind of an IDE for hybrid app development with ionic. What I’m trying to do is building up an environment which allows you to manage your app projects from start to end. It would be awesome if you could tell me if my thoughts are completly useless or some things would be helpful/fun for you as developers or if I missed something. Currently I’m not planning to integrate an editor, for the simple reason that there are too much different editors in use.

Project Overview

  • view all existing projects and open them on click
  • add new app project (same as ionic start … but adds karma + jasmine for testing and jslint for code analysis)


  • modify android settings via interface
  • modify settings from config.xml via interface


  • add new folders and components via interface, automatically add reference to index.html, automatically generate test file/folder
  • rename, move, delete, edit components via interface


  • system tasks: predefined tasks like building android app, starting webview aso. which are executed with one click
  • user tasks: add/delete/run own tasks via interface


  • list all installed plugins with info (version, name…)
  • display if update is available
  • browse through existing plugins
  • install new plugins/uninstall plugins
  • install different plugins for different platforms
  • create repository for plugins which need custom code


  • list all included libraries and extra infos (version, name, dependencies,…)
  • add, edit, delete libraries via interface

Testing (already installed on creating a new project)

  • run tests via interface, show results
  • show test coverage using istanbul

Code analysis

  • run code analysis via interface
  • display issues/hints to make your code better

Finish project

  • create icons/splashscreens for your project
  • automatically switch to production environment

Feedback would be really really helpful!!!
Thanks a lot,


Project (alpha-state) will be available on github as an open-source project in april/may

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Sounds like a good project and covers quite a lot - good luck!

Out of interest, what technologies are you using to write it?

I’m using node webkit… works quite well so far =)!

This is Great idea mate! :slight_smile:
Do you have some private Git?

I would like to join your’s project and provide some help as well :smile:

Of course! I have a private repo on github… if you tell me your username I can add you to the repo =)