A Visual Studio Code Extension for Ionic

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Historically, when working with Ionic/Capacitor, the CLI is the main interface developers use to invoke various functions. Want to build your app? Want to add a platform? What about deploying to the simulator? All this is made possible by Ionic and Capacitor CLIs. Well, today we’re thrilled to announce a new extension for Visual Studio…


can’t wait to test it!

Awesome stuff! I can’t wait to use this! Great job!

@mhartington I see in the screenshot that you’re also getting Protractor deprecation warning. Is this something coming out of Angular or Ionic?

Very nice, I use IntelliJ for most for my development, so it would be great if there was an extension for it as well.


Excited to see this vscode extension as a webstorm plugin soon.

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I’ve always thought to build a intellij plugin for ionic/capacitor but It’s not simple…
I’ll really love a intellij platform version… Amazing job anyway!

Thank you so very much. Tried it on an existing app, and it looked great! This will save lives.

is there some magic required to get the extension to work on older project?

When i run it i am getting errors on vue project missing ionic:serve command and then next i get errors with the launch.json not configured properly


The extension looks great but I have some doubts.

I work with two apps that share some libs & core components.
Here is my folder structure:
web (root folder)

App1 (Angular Web App)
App2 (Ionic)

When the extension loads the “projects”, it loaded the App1 :frowning:
Do you know if this route can be changed?

Awesomeness - this is fantastic!!!

Could you add yarn support?
Maybe selection or if there is no package-lock.json and a yarn.lock use yarn.