Deep linking on a website

Hi, I using Ionic2 for UI on website as well.

What is a proper way to do deep linking when user is not using an app but browsing online website version?

Should I still use Deeplinks plugin from ionic-native?

Is it possible to pass additional parameters like this:

Any directions towards docs or articles would be highly appreciated.

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Deep Linking:

It is a link when tapped, directs a mobile user to the specified location on an app instead of directing the user to the app’s homepage.

Deferred Deep Linking:

Deferred deep linking enables the user to land on the specified page on the app after the user installs the app for the first time.


That’s cool, but I am talking about deep linking not in context of mobile app, but in situation when an app is working on a website and a user opened it in and browser (including desktop).

Sorry, I too don’t know that clear information in desktop.