Deeplinker vs Deeplinking Cordova Plugin

Hello everyone,

I’m having some trouble trying to understand the difference between using Ionic Deeplinks and the Cordova Deeplinks plug-in.

Does Ionic Deeplinks provide the same functionality as the Cordova plugin or are they different things?
I understand Cordova Deeplinks allows one to instruct a mobile phone to open the desired app (providing the correct arguments to the link).
I also understand that Ionic Deeplinks are more suited to a situation where you want to map certain URLs to specific pages.

But does Ionic Deeplinks replace Cordova Deeplinks in the sense that the desired application will be opened or are they completely different things?

Best Regards.


You can see in docs 2 different things , one browser based links and the other open app from link.
Why the devs called them both similar I don’t know .


I know how they work, I use both on my app but it’s confusing as hell to have to use two “Deeplinkers” whose purposes are, or seem to be, completely different.

I believe they should be merged into 1 class that would support both types of linking. That’s what would make sense to me.