How to use deeplinks?

I need to implement deeplinks in my app so that I can browse to an specific page of my app, passing parameters, through a link received by email?

The oficial documentation is very limited and don’t show examples.

I found this post. Following it I was able to open my app using a adb command, but it don’t navigates to an specific page.

Another problem is related to import.

I was not able to use the import specified in the documentation:
import { IonicDeeplinks } from 'ionic-native';
Instead I was able to use:
import { Deeplinks } from 'ionic-native';

I installed th plugin this way:

ionic plugin add ionic-plugin-deeplinks --variable URL_SCHEME=“anrandomname://” --variable DEEPLINK_SCHEME=https --variable DEEPLINK_HOST=“”`

My app.ts:

import {StatusBar, File, Deeplinks} from ‘ionic-native’;

ngAfterViewInit() {

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
  Deeplinks.routeWithNavController(this.nav, {
    '/documents': DocumentsPage,
    '/messages': MessagesPage
  }).subscribe((match) => {
    console.log('Successfully routed', match);
  }, (nomatch) => {
    console.warn('Unmatched Route', nomatch);


Simulating the deeplink:

adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -e “anrandomname://app/messages”

Then I get this:


My app is not present.

The terminal shows:

Starting: Intent { act=android.intent.action.VIEW (has extras) }

I think the URL_SCHEME just requires the name.

So URL_SCHEME=“anrandomname://” becomes URL_SCHEME=“anrandomname”

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