Deep linking


does ionic support deep linking?


what u meen with deep linking?


Deep linking is providing a link to a specific piece of content.

Yes, ionic is suited to do that! You coud for example navigate to your_path_here/index.html/#/app/article/1 if you want to go to the article with id 1… You have to make sure that you handle the parameters correctly yourself though. Take a look at the angularjs routing options :slight_smile:


do u want this?
<a class="item" nav-clear href="#/app/link_to_html">.....</a>


I will try to explain with an example.
Say, I have a shopping app with an item listed.
Would it be possible to share the item page URL (your_path_here/index.html/#/app/item/1) such that when somebody clicks on that link (in other app, email etc), he/she is taken to this item page in my app directly (if installed) or taken to a link for my app install and once the app is installed is taken to the item page.


Ionic supports this, yes! But the tricky part is where you explain the moment you want to make use of it. By sharing data and/or at installation point. Both of those are questions related to cordova rather then ionic.

On installation, are there possibilities for “startup parameters” after installation? On sharing a url, are there possibilities to open the app and open the app on a specific page/state?

Personally I don’t know the answer to those questions… I can’t think of any (hybrid) app that does the same thing really, maybe skype has callto links that virtually do a similair thing… (but skype is native) Maybe this is possible for you as well, but I don’t know if there are any plugins available for something like this. No experience with this on my side.


OK Google will now search inside the app. Believe this has to do with deep linking. How does one get this to work with Ionic?