DeepLinker vs Deeplinks

I am curious about the difference and use cases for the 2 DeepLink mechanisms that are exist with Ionic. There is the DeepLinker API detailed in the docs and the Plugin Deeplinks. Do they work in concert or are they completely different?

I’m not sure about it but I understand it like following:

DeepLinker could be use in addition to NavController. It will let you define routes and parameters inside your application. I never used it, I guess I would have used it if I would have called routes directly from my html pages without calling an action (like navcontroller.push for example). But like I said, only a guess

The plugin Deeplinking let you publish links outside your application which gonna, once clicked (like in an email or a website etc.) on a mobile phone where your app is installed, open your app. For example, I share a link from your app to Facebook. A friend of mine see the post, click the link in Facebook and if he has to app too, the app gonna be called/opened

Side note: DeepLinker seems (a guess again) to doesn’t exist anymore in Ionic 3 or at least the API page doesn’t exist in 3.0.0, I don’t find it. Furthermore, in 2.3.0 the API page for DeepLinker lead to a 404

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@reedrichards The Deeplinker functionality has been replaced by the @IonicPage decorator in Ionic v3, which now supports lazy-loading of the pages (optional).


@FdezRomero thx for passing the info :slight_smile:

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So, I have an app that was an Ionic 2 app and was upgraded to Ionic 3. For some reason, @IonicPage doesn’t work at all. And the only way I can get paths to display is with Deeplinker. But I’m not sure if Deeplinks with work with Deeplinker. Any thoughts on this?