CSS bug : List is duplicate in the background ! only on safari!


I have a strange bug with list !
When i click back from an item view, the list is duplicate in the background (visible when i drag the list )
This bug is visible only on safari… and iOS (same webkit)

If i remove the ionic css, the bug disappear ! (i’m still searching in the css code)

But someone have the same issue !?

take a look here : http://recordit.co/x8xPR56EKm


What version of Ionic are you using? This was an issue before and resolved in beta 4

I’m running on beta.3 ! I built my project with the “getting-started” section. I thought i had the latest version when i search about this bug ! A small red message to prevent the version in “getting-started” section will be a great idea ! (and thank for your quick response)


Give it a try in beta 4 and let me know how it works

I m facing the same problem ( Beta 4 )

This should be fixed. Try the nightly builds and let me know

i tried beta 6 and nightly but the issue still appears.
Tested on chrome and android

@urbiwan, this should be resolved in the latest release. Can you try the nightly builds?

I was able to repro this issue in Chrome and Windows Phone 8/IE as well.

Alright, want to open an issue for this and include the step you took to reproduce it along with your ionic version?

Which Ionic version are you using? We had this bug in Beta 4. But I think it was fixed in Beta 5.

@Calendee I think this may have to do with us upgrading to a new version of ui-router.

I’m going to reopen the issue on github

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I noticed it also happens on android.