Scrolling issue with multiple layers


I have wired issue in scrolling bouncing back. When I scroll from IPhone 5 it display multiple layer of same data. It also happen with latest slide menu application available in Ionic getting start page.
Please help if any setting required to run properly in IPhone.

Please check screen shots of Scroll up and scroll down from Iphone. Here first image scroll down and second is scroll up. Reggae is first row and Cowbell is last row in list.

Please check application on plnkr. Issue occurred when load application from safari browser. Also same issue is not occurred if i use beta 1 version of ionic.


Hey can you give this a try with the nightly builds


Hey Mike, it’s happening on Beta 3 and nightlies.

I saw this in my own app a while back. I was able to “solve” it by clearing the array on the scope that stored the list data by listening to $stateChangeStart. However, I’ve tried the same with this and it still happens.

See this demo. It’s simply the “sidemenu” starter from Getting Starting modified with Nightlies.

It seems like the view is getting cached somehow. That would be great if it was an intended feature. But I don’t think that’s what’s happening.


More info : This does NOT happen in Beta 2

Opened Issue #1279 :


Oh wow, that is odd. Thanks for pointing this out @kamleshkoringa. Also, thanks for the super detailed issue @Calendee


@kamleshkoringa : This was fixed in Beta 4. I’ve confirmed this with my sample app.


Hi @Calendee
I have tested beta4 and issue is resolved.
Thanks you very much.