Ios scrolling duplicate content

im using beta 4 of the ionic framework.
IOS 7.1
It happens when you go back and returns to the same page.

The problem is that when im scrolling, at some point the content duplicates and behind the scrollable area,
the content is visible (screenshot 1)

This is my template markup:

<ion-view title="Checkoutoption wählen">
  <ion-content class="has-header connect-content">
      <ion-item ng-repeat="checkout in checkouts" ng-click="selectCheckout(">

Someone know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Can you try this with the nightly builds? There was a bug that should have been resolved from beta 3

Ive tried it with: nightly 1.0.0-beta.4-nightly-2090 (2014-05-14)
but its still there.

Can you create a new project from the CLI and try to recreate the issue?

I fixed the problem.

I created a new project from cli.
Then i copied the scss folder which was not included
in the packages beta 4, beta 5 from
and then i in cmd “gulp sass”.

awesome, glad to hear its resolved

I have this same problem. Working on iOS 7.1, with beta6.

I have a home page with child items in an ng-repeat. When the app loads, it doesn’t duplicate content. But when I go to one of the child pages, it begins duplicating content. Thereafter the background on ALL ion-contents is duplicated to the background… It’s weird.

I made a new project through the CLI and it still happens.

Doesn’t happen on development (in Google Chrome); only on device.

I did some testing with the different nightly releases. It appears the change occurs between Ionic Package: 1.0.0-beta.4 Antimony Antelope (2014-05-07) and Ionic Package: 1.0.0-beta.5 Barium Bobcat (2014-05-14). Is there a changelog I can take a look at?

The duplicate content only occurs AFTER clicking on a element and changing to a child page. On returning, the background on the ion-content is “frozen” on a duplicate of the initial view. Very odd.

I imagine it has to do with the change to the ui router…
ui-router: upgrade to angular-ui-router v0.2.10 (b9353e71, closes #941)

I am having the same issue on Note 2 and S3 with Android 4.3.
Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.13 and AngularJS v1.3.0

It occurs scrollable pages
Also it happens when keyboard opens and content becomes scrollable

I’m having the same issue in Chrome on both Linux and Mac, but only intermittently. Hot fix for me is to put a background on the container. I just jumped on this project, so if anyone has a more ionicy fix for this that would be great