componentProps in stencil-route not working with objects

I think that it is a bug in stencil but I am not 100% sure because I am starting with ionic.
I am using:
@stencil/core”: “^0.9.11”,
@stencil/router”: “^0.2.2”
I am following this tutorial to integrate firebase into an Stencil App:

But I am trying to use stencil-route instead of ion-route.

In app-root, with this is working (which means that app-home component receives user parameter):

            url='/' component='app-home'
            componentProps={{ user: this.user }}

However with this is not working (in app-home component user param is undefined)

            <stencil-route url='/' component='app-home' componentProps={{user: this.user }}>

But, with this, app-home component receives the user param:

            <stencil-route url='/' component='app-home' componentProps={{user: 'mystring' }}>

Could be a parsing problem in stencil-route when the value of the dict is an object?

NOTE: this.user is filled in app-root:

  componentDidLoad() {
    var config = {

    console.log('Firebase configured! ', firebase);
    firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged(myuser => {
      this.user = myuser ? myuser : null;
      this.loading = false;
      console.log("user authed", myuser);

With this code, I can see the “user authed” log with the correct values.