[stencil] Build process stuck at "prerender index html started"

Hey folks,

I’m trying to use firebase in my fresh stencil-starter app.
I have the following and try from another file (main-app.tsx) to call load():

import * as firebase from 'firebase/app';

export class Player {

	private firebaseConfig = {…};

	load() {

		// commented the build process ends
		// firebase.initializeApp(this.firebaseConfig);

		// this enabled will cause the build process to be stuck at "prerender index html started"

I have the feeling I am missing something obvious… Can anyone point me in the right direction?

found the following in the stencil config docs:

Since everything in Stencil is async and lazy loaded by default, it is important to NOT have any hard import statements linking components together. Any library listed in the list collections entry will be recognized and included in the application by the Stencil compiler. By default, the @Stencil/router will be included.

I guess it really should be used for self-contained components, rather than a sort-of-framework.
makes more sense now to me.

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