Querystring support in ion-router (with StencilJs)

I have a StencilJS app with Ionic web components using the following routing setup:

<ion-router useHash={false}>
  <ion-route url="/home" component="page-home"/>
  <ion-route url="/login" component="page-login"/>
  <ion-route url="/main" component="page-main">

When I receive a 401 error from the api, I would like to redirect to the login page, with the current url as a redirect querystring parameter (in order to redirect the user back to where he came from), like so:

const navCtrl: HTMLIonRouterElement = document.querySelector("ion-router");
  res => navCtrl.push('/main'),
  err => navCtrl.push(`/login?redirect=${window.location.pathname}`)

When I do this an I receive an error from the api, and I want to navigate to the login page with the current route as querystring parameter, Stencil throws the following error: [ion-router] the path does not match any route.

How can I use the querystring with the ion-router?