[solved] [stencil] Question about stencil props

Hey folks
I’m really excited about stencil and wanted to try it out immediately, even though the docs are somewhat limited.

PSA: I have no prior react knowledge.

When we have this standard component: <my-name first="my" last="name" />, shouldn’t it also be working with just <my-name props={first: 'my', last: 'name'} />?

I wanted to use the stencil-router and came across component-props:

<stencil-router id="router">
    <stencil-route url="/" component="my-name" router="#router" component-props={first: 'my', last: 'name'} exact={true} />

but it won’t work. What am I missing?

Edit: https://github.com/ionic-team/stencil-router/issues/4

Edit 2: I didn’t use the <stencil-router> inside of a component, but tried it directly in the index.html. that obviously doesn’t work :sweat:. All working now!

See Edit 2 in original post for solution.