Ionic routing with PROPS to tabs - not working?

Ionic 4.8.0 w/ Stencil 1.3.0 in case that matters.

          <ion-route id='ion-route2' component="app-tabs">
            <ion-route url="/:country/:state/:city" component="tab-home" />
            <ion-route url="/:city" component="tab-home" />
            <ion-route url="/" component="tab-home" />
            <ion-route url="/statuses" component="tab-alerts" />
            <ion-route url="/statuses/:country/:state/:city" component="tab-alerts" />

Routing navs through tabs, but props are completely lost (using @Props). They don’t appear in app-tabs, in tab-home, or in page-home (which the tab component points to and moves to successfully). It feels like I have to capture the IonRouteDidChange event and re-implement the whole parsing in order to capture the props.

Has anyone solved this, or even used this?