Codepen example using ionic 0.9.26 throws exception in IE10


I tested an example from Codepen (Ionic Intro Tutorial) in IE10, and the Javascript console throws an exception 'SCRIPT445: Object doesn’t support this action’
File: ionic.bundle.min.js, Line: 20, Column: 4027.

Does Ionic support IE10?


Ionic does not support any desktop browser. See I think Chrome and Safari (if developing for iOS) work best for development.

According to the browser support link, Windows Phone support is in the roadmap.

Any info on the timeline of Windows Phone support?

We are also hoping to be able to deploy HTML5 app (using Ionic) to Windows 8 app in the future.

I think there will be a roadmap announcement next week. So I’d standby for that.

I must admit, that I’m a real ionic advocate and I already use it for my top project. But for many of the mobile apps that i will need to develop, I will need to add VERY simple web/desktop services as well. These services need to support IE10+ and Firefox as well.
Right now this is an issue. And yes - Ionic has superior features when it comes to mobile apps, but in many cases our customers are looking for a mobile first solution, with some support for desktop/web as well. Yes, I can build those parts in bootstrap, but I’m almost convinced to use ionic and support a minimal set of browsers/versions, even if it is not supported… I will admit that this is bad practice but I would hate to clone many of the parts that (seem to be) working VERY well on chrome, for example. Too much CSS and angular customization. I’m willing to drop some of the features, like advanced animation etc, as long as the core stuff works. Apologies if this is not the place to write such stuff but I think that it is important for the community to discuss that as well.

*** I LOVE IONIC.***