Ionic components on IE


When I look at the example page ( on IE browser all the components seems fine.

When I copy & paste to my code and test on IE it acts different (for example, in a bar with buttons in it the buttons don’t show - but I know they are there because if hover my mouse over the area it changes to a link like cursor). On chrome it looks exactly as it should.

I would like to build a mobile web page with ionic but I would also like it to be viewable in a browser.

I know ionic doesn’t support browsers that are not android 4.2 and that are not safari. but I’m guessing it is possible since it is being displayed in the documentation. so how can I make it work?

Thanks you

I believe ionic doesn’t actually support IE and the examples on the website are either on codepen or have been done manually using html + js + css and not angular.

@developer_82 Please leave, IE user. No I’m just kidding :wink:

As @Intox already said, Ionic (and even some parts of AngularJS) are not supported on Internet Explorer. It’s a framework for building hybrid mobile apps on iOS and Android. Both these platforms use a WebKit browser engine. A lot of code leans heavily on the WebKit, or at least ‘modern browser’, dependency.

What is the target platform you’re developing for? Windows Mobile or actually desktop IE?

If you want it to be viewable in a browser for testing, then Chrome or Safari work just fine.

Support for IE desktop is not on the road map. Ionic’s mission is hybrid apps.

I know that it isn’t on the roadmap, however if there was a cheap way of getting this running it would be appreciated. I’m using Ionic for mobile webapp and in certain scenarios it will be viewed by desktop users on Internet Explorer.


// Trigger a new event
trigger: function(eventType, data, bubbles, cancelable) {
var event = new CustomEvent(eventType, {


That causes Error in IE8, 9, 10 (not tested in 11):

By searching for CustomEvent Ionic I got here - CustomEvent is not defined Android · Issue #181 · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub - and there is a polyfill for that - Fixed #181 - CustomEvent polyfill · ionic-team/ionic-framework@963e0e3 · GitHub

IE10 contains CustomEvent… It’s complicated, not sure if worth pursuing / investigating.

UPDATE: I’ve updated to 1.0.0-beta.6 “darmstadtium-dingo” and now it works… (strange)