Does Ionic support browser project? And Which?

Hello everyone,

I am questioning myself, if ionic supports browser project instead of hybrid app.

About browser support, I just found here:

It says Ionic 2 iOS 8+, Windows 10 UWP and Android 4.4+. But what about Chrome, Firefox, Edge and so on?

Could you explain what exactly you mean?

Also: Current version docs are here:


sorry that I didn’t express myself clear.

I mean, I’ve found that Ionic supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone, but I didn’t see anywhere saying that Ionic supports desktop browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and so on. My question is, is Ionic suitable for browser apps, which runs in browsers instead of something like UIWebView? If yes, should I care about browser compabilities?

you mean like pwa apps

Yes it is.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari should be fine 100% - Chrome is similar to Android, Safari similar to iOS and Firefox is used by many for development. Edge also works but has some performance problems. Search the forum here for “Windows 10” to get some impressions on that - it is getting better with each Edge release and on computers (vs. WIndows 10 Phone) tends to be usable.

Thank you very much for your answer.

How about Internet Explorer?

We support Safari, Chrome, firefox, and Edge. We do not want to support IE, since it is a legacy browser and does not support many modern APIs we need.