Why is function that are executed from the ng-click is called twice at Internet Explorer?


Hello,everyone. I’m developing ionic application.

I have some problem at Internet Explorer.
Function that are executed from the ng-click is called twice at Internet Explorer.
Other browsers, such a phenomenon did not happen.

Please try running the alert of $ ionicPopup on Internet Explorer. You can confirm it.

If you have any idea on this issue, please advice whether.


I believe ionic was never meant to run in a desktop browser, so your mileage will wary. Even with frameworks such as jqm that has desktop browsers as part of their design goal IE is a pain to deal with.

My suggestion is to drop IE if at all possible and if you really must then use the latest version which is less insane than earlier versions, but is still not up to par in features nor developer friendliness.

But again ionic is not meant to support IE and IE support in ionic is in my view a dangerous distraction, waste of time and will lead to the same clinkiness as seen in other frameworrks - in short: Drop IE.


@psimon: Windows Phone is IE.


reply thank you.
your advice seems to be the best practice.


can Windows phone use ionic and Does it work properly?


Hi alon,

In the getting started there is instructions for IOS and Android but not for win phone.

I am in no way affiliated with the ionic or drifty so I cannot answer on their behalf but I recall having read somewhere that the roadmap is targetting these two platforms - e.ei webkit.

Personally I think that would make a lot of sense as a) these platforms currently have almost 100 % of the market and b) experience with other frameworks, notably JQM shows, that trying to support too many diverse browser implementations may drag you under in work burden (release cycle suffers) and performance woes (developer base disappears). Put this is just my 2c.


So just to chime in real quick.

For 1.0 Ionic is only focusing on webkit based browser, so ios and android.
Post 1.0 WP8 and FirefoxOS are our our roadmap.

That being said, there’s been some users saying ionic works on WP8 already, but it’s very problematic. The webview is Internet Explorer, need I say more?

IE tends to do it’s own thing and doesn’t handle touch events too well. So that’s where alot of issue come from