New category for Ionic 4


I know that the current principle is to use ionic as the category for the latest version, but when Ionic 4 is in Beta it is difficult to focus on Ionic 4 issues only.

Basically I am considering a upgrade of my app to Ionic 4 and would like only to focus on issues in Ionic 4

After starting the upgrading process (and going the Angular / Capacitor way) I have a lot of questions, and would like to give people still on v3 a simple way of ignoring my questions.

So why not create a new category for ionic 4?

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“ionic” is the category for >= v4
“ionic-v3” >= v2 & <= v3
“ionic-v1” = v1


This classification is a bit strange, because when Ionic v5 will be available it will not be possible to distinguish between a discussion about Ionic v4 and a discussion about Ionic v5.
Probably the categories: ionic-v4, ionic-v3, ionic-v2, ionic-v1 would have been more intuitive.
With the possibility to choose one or more of them.



I think what they try to achieve is to not distinguish anymore the version, therefor they say it’s “just” ionic


Mine is not a criticism, I just wanted to say that different versions of a framework have different problems and solutions and it would be nice to differentiate them.
Especially when the architecture changes often and radically as it is happening for Ionic.



Which is the actual differentiation between, but I’m agree with you to some points

“ionic” is the category for >= v4
“ionic-v3” >= v2 & <= v3
“ionic-v1” = v1


I don’t like the current approach either, but your citicism is moot: When v5 comes out the current ionic could just be renamed to ionic-v4 and a new ionic created for use with Ionic 5.


I could understand the logical behind too. Now that v4 is based on web components, I hope that Ionic v5 gonna be a small upgrade like Angular v5 to v6. If it’s the case, then having one same category could make sense…but I won’t be against a ionic-v4 category neither :wink:


personnellement je me serais aussi mieux retrouvé avec une catégorie V4 :wink: