Ionic Paypal Plugin ios uploading error

Hello, When I’m using the PayPal plugin in my ionic cordova app. it is working perfectly with android. But when I’m using it in IOS and try to upload the app to the App Store. App store is not Accepting my app and giving me the error message of [Understanding ITMS-90809: UIWebView API Deprecation]. I have tried all possible solutions from stack overflow and other platforms. But I didn’t get the success to solve my problem. Kindly provide me the possible solution to resolve this issue. Thanks

Simple Answer that you don’t want to hear: Don’t use this Plugin. It’s deprecated, archived and because of that UiWebView Deprecation not able to use anymore

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Then what method or plugin i need to use for PayPal Payments? Kindly suggest me a solution

could i use your brain tree plugin? i checked it on github
i’m using it but i’m getting this error while building App

platforms\android\app\src\main\java\de\einfachhans\Braintree\ error: incompatible types: Activity cannot be converted to AppCompatActivity
DropInResult.fetchDropInResult(cordova.getActivity(), clientToken, new DropInResult.DropInResultListener() {
F:\vairt company work\Esorr_app\app\platforms\android\app\src\main\java\de\einfachhans\Braintree\ error: no suitable
method found for newInstance(Activity,String)
mBraintreeFragment = BraintreeFragment.newInstance(cordova.getActivity(), token);

You can but it is not really production ready. Read:

If it is not ready for production. then it will not be much useful. Do you have any idea braintree plugin that is on ionic documentation is not installing. it is giving error during installation?

i can Venmo payment method. bro could you provide me the any solution that how i can integrate Venmo payment in ionic

you will have problems with any in app purchases that don’t go trough apple’s payment methods like apple pay, so i think you should do some investigation on this before implementing pay pal in your app.