Ionic 4 Paypal Plugib UIwebView Issue for Ios

Hi, I am using paypal plugin in my project which uses UIwebview which app store started rejecting, if I remove paypal from my project then my project submit successfully to app store. But I want to use Paypal in my project. Please help?

paypal mobile SDK were deprecated long ago and they recommended moving to braintree, so as the UIWebView usage is in the SDK and they won’t update, you’ll have to move to braintree or something else

Okyy , but I have to use paypal in my project which is recommended by my client. Is there any other way to use paypal in ionic project?

Hey there,

the old Braintree Plugin is maintained anymore and don’t uses the latest mobile SDK’s.
I created a new one, please read this to get known how to test it and support me in developing:

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did you fixed this issus ?